Strategic Self Care Workshop

Spring 2024 Session II

We're so excited by the response that we're offering this workshop again!

(New video with updated dates will post on 3/8)

The Strategic Self Care Workshop was created by Anana Harris Parris, author of Self Care Matters: A Revolutionary's Approach, and is facilitated by Certified Strategic Self Care Consultant, Jasmine "jaz" Hines of The Inspower Agency. The purpose of this 5 week program is to unlearn disempowering habits and replace them with uniquely tailored strategies to help you manage your life choices with greater confidence, personal goal achievement, and improve your quality of life. As we face so many disparate challenges, having strategies and practices that place you as priority number one are critical components to leading a more empowering and purpose-led life. Jaz will be your guide to help you live Inspowered!

This live virtual workshop will:

1. Teach you the key components of the Strategic Self Care program

2. Invite you to create your own unique Strategic Self Care plan

3. Curate a resource list to support you along your journey

4. Manage your life choices with greater confidence

5. Learn new communication skills and practical tips

Your registration includes:

1. Access to five (5) 2-hr workshop sessions

2. The Self Care Matters: A Revolutionary's Approach written by Anana Harris Parris

3. The Playbook and Journal

4. A Certificate of Completion

5. Eligibility to become a Certified Strategic Self Care Consultant

Your registration includes:

We will meet Thursday April 4 to May 2, 2024

7pm - 9pm


Tuition: $300

Tuition includes all of the following:

Self Care Matters Book

Self Care Matters Playbook

Certificate of Completion

Eligibility to become a Certified Strategic Self Care Consultant

Develop your own customized strategies to live Inspowered!

Meet Your Consultant

Jasmine C. Hines or "jaz" (she/they) is one of the first Certified Strategic Self Care Consultants and President of the Charlotte Chapter of Sistercare Alliance. Jaz co-authored a proclamation with Anana Harris Parris, recognizing December 4th as Self Care Day in Charlotte, NC and Mecklenburg County, NC. Jaz is also the President and Principal Consultant of a boutique Organization, Culture, and Leadership Development consultancy, The Inspower Agency, a firm rooted in the belief that change begins within. Jaz uses her experience, education, and gifts for being a catalyst for change in the lives of people she encounters through coaching, consulting, facilitation, mindfulness, and somatic movement mentoring. Jaz is a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness Mentor, and on faculty for both Susana Barkataki's Ignite Yoga School as well as Rev. angel Kyodo Williams' Radical Dharma Five: Framework for Liberation. Jaz has a unique gift and ability to curate trust-based learning spaces for people to experience themselves in different, more honest, and intimate ways helping them live "Inspowered.".

Meet The Author and Founder

Anana Johari Harris Parris (she/her) is also the founder and CEO of the Self Care Agency, LLC. She is the lead Strategic Business & Self Care Consultant Program Designer and the co-founder of Wellness & Justice Group, LLC.

Ms. Parris authored the first official Self Care Day Proclamation on December 4, 2011, recognized by the City of Atlanta and later the cities of Savannah, Lithonia, Charlotte, NC, Charleston, SC, Mecklenburg County, NC, and DeKalb County. ​To further the promotion of self-care as a strategic form of social justice, Ms. Parris authored the book Self Care Matters: A Revolutionary Approach and the Strategic Self Care Training Program has been approved for the American Academy of Pediatrics. Her book as been adopted as a required training text for many programs addressing human trafficking, domestic violence, and trauma survivor programs. It is also the primary training tool for the Southern Center for Human Rights and the Georgia Women of Color Initiative.

Meet Our Special Guest

Julia Whitfield (she/her) is a certified 200hr yoga practitioner, equity activist, and community-engaged scholar who is committed to promoting wellness and empowerment for all people. Julia has been a Strategic Self Care Community Support group member since 2022. She provides a unique and practical perspective of how she has implemented Self Care Strategies during the caregiving process.

Julia has a master’s in community psychology with graduate certificates in nonprofit management, anti-racist pedagogy, and Spanish translation and interpretation. In her work, Julia strives to uplift others with a compassionate heart and a competent hand through scholarly research and direct service.

Julia's experience includes engaging with issues across the education continuum – from early learning to workforce readiness – as well as challenges in criminal justice and mental health service delivery systems. Julia hopes her life’s work will help create a world in which all individuals are meaningfully supported in becoming good neighbors, responsible citizens, and effective contributors to the communities where they live.


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